The 4 new car giveaway is just the beginning of the fun! As we continue to grow, so will the value to our supporters. Our roadmap is designed to bring long-term success and profitability to all HODLers in our project. The team has over 50yrs combined in the automotive retail and technology sectors in the United States; and some work abroad. The idea of GoGoCarNFT was born from within the automotive retail space before the pandemic, and was heightened out of necessity during the shutdowns and retail restrictions.

The retail automotive industry has a history of lagging behind in technology, despite being a trillion dollar enterprise. The old guard has been resistant to change, and as history has shown us, in business if you aren’t evolving you are dying. The old days of sitting in a dealership waiting for finance to get you approved are quickly nearing an end. Our company GoGoCar allows consumers to shop, view, and purchase new/used vehicles from the comfort of their home. And now GoGoCarNFT allows you to win FREE cars and other automotive benefits with even less work.

The team wants to make you a part of this historic shift in how this industry conducts business. The funding from the project is going to be utilized to market vehicle sales throughout the U.S. while leveraging relationships in the industry to ensure the best pricing. This is going to be a multi-step program:

Referrals and direct contacts (Free and with the most rewards for you!)

All HODLers will be given a unique referral code: if any of your family, friends, co-workers, or acquaintances login using your referral code, you will be paid for their visit to the site and again if they complete a purchase. The purchase can be of a car or even just a service protection plan for a vehicle they already own. The sky is the limit here for individuals to create their own income stream. Are you an influencer, have a large family, lots of friends, great at marketing? This is where you can earn passive and consistent income with you controlling your destiny!

Direct Marketing

The funds generated from the initial sale will be used for traditional and digital marketing for vehicles in all 5 regions of the United States. At release, regions will be randomized and identified in the artwork. As vehicles/protection programs are sold in each region from the website, a certain amount is set aside per sale for the Regional Pool. Members will be able to track activity from the heatmap on our website that will show sales in all regions. Remember, regions that have more sales have more rewards for the HODLers, so watch out for those ones! The reward pools will be built up and available to claim through the website.

We will be working with our network of automotive professionals as the project continues to grow to offer additional incentives and benefits to HODLers and their referrals. From discounted purchase prices, service discounts, trade-in match dollars, the list goes on….

So come along for the ride with GoGoCarNFT.

- 30yrs Automotive Retail Experience
- 20yrs Automotive Technology Experience
- Patent Holder
- 2k+ Dealer Connections in the Automotive Industry

- 3yrs Programming in Automotive Industry
- 1yr Design & Marketing Experience
- BA in Mathematics, MS in Computer Science
- Crypto and NFT investor

- Active Crypto Investor
- NFT Hodler
- Over 20yrs Automotive Retail & Training Experience
- FinTech Inventor and Investor

- 22yrs of Automotive Technology Experience
- Multiple Patents
- AI Expert, Data Scientist, Professional Idealist
- Master Problem Solver

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